LIST: Fun activities for kids that cost little to no money


Posted at Dec 02 2021 06:31 PM

MANILA -- Are your kids looking for something fun to do amid the pandemic? From simple experiments at home to online workshops, here are some activities that won't burn a hole in your pocket.


The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) aims to empower Filipino children, their families, and communities through Batang Sining, a series of weekly fun and educational activities until December 8, 2021.

Following the theme "Sining para sa Kalusugan, Kumunidad, at Kalikasan," Batang Sining features online workshops, streaming, conversations, and safely conducted in-person events.

Through the years, it has evolved from offering children's summer art workshop to arts strategies for healing and arts education training for primary and secondary school students.

Batang Sining also involves families, teachers, communities, and other stakeholders through activities such as photography and dance moves to be uploaded online, with prizes for the outstanding entries.

More details are available on the Facebook pages of CCP, Batang Sining, and CCP Arts Education.



McDonald's Philippines is holding its Kiddie Crew Workshop online for the first time this year.

The online workshop runs every weekend until December 29, with two-day sessions each lasting 90 minutes in the afternoon.

Housed through a website, children will be guided as they go through a virtual McDonald’s store. Various points in the digital area will let children hop from one activity to another, from dancing and singing to playing games.

The registration fee of P499 includes access to the 2-day online workshop, a one-day Workshop Meal (Happy Meal 1-piece Chicken McDo with drink), and their own workshop kit.

More details are available on the website of McDonald's Philippines.


Milo has launched a poster making contest as parents and kids look for new hobbies amid the pandemic.

The Milo Champions League Poster Adventure is open to those who buy a pack of the Milo 24-gram Champions League sachet, and features prizes such as laptops and tablets.

Interested participants are asked to collect the Milo Champions League characters at the back of specifically marked sachets and post these cutouts in their posters.

Photos of the resulting entries should then be uploaded on the Milo Champions League website. More posters give participants more chances of winning weekly raffle draws until December 19.

Each poster submitted will also be included in the grand draw, where it will be judged based on message and creativity.


Kids and parents who are fans of Pokemon can have fun with the new TikTok effect which is available on the short-video platform for a limited time.

The effect was released by The Pokemon Company to promote its new Nintendo Switch titles, "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Pokemon Shining Pearl."

It features four Pokemon in total: Pikachu, Turtwig, Chimchar, and



Robinsons Malls has prepared welcome-back presents and activities for kids to enjoy during the holidays.

Starting December 10 at Robinsons Galleria, kids get free character balloons, get to play for free at Shoot that Ball and Shoot that Duck booths, and receive free game tokens from Tom’s World. To get these perks, parents need to visit the Christmas tree at Level 2, take a picture with their kids, share them on Facebook or Instagram, and tag Robinsons Galleria's account.

At Robinsons Magnolia starting December 4, children can also get their own character balloons and free Tom’s World game tokens when they snap and share their adorable pictures with the Christmas tree and whimsical snowball located at the ground floor, or with the sparkling outdoor Christmas tree located at The Garden area. They also get to meet and greet Geoffrey, the friendly mascot of Toys "R" Us.

Similar deals are also available under the same conditions at Robinsons Place Manila starting December 4 as treats await those who snap and share their kids' photos at the Christmas tree located at the Midtown Atrium.

More details are available on Robinsons Malls' social media pages.



Office supplies brand 3M has come up with an experiment using simple tools at home to help children unleash their inner scientists.

Two pieces of paper, scissors, drinking straw, and tape can help kids explore how different designs can affect the way a paper rocket propels.

Parents and guardians are reminded to try the activity themselves first, and supervise as kids take their turn.


  1. Fold a piece of paper into four and cut them into smaller rectangles.
  2. Take one of the small rectangles and roll it around the straw to make a tube (not too tight). Tape the tube you have made so it stays rolled up.
  3. Pinch and tape one end of the tube to make the nose of the rocket.
  4. With a different piece of small rectangle paper, cut some right-angled triangles to make fins before taping them onto the tube.
  5. Repeat steps to make a few rockets with different tube lengths and/or different numbers of fins.
  6. Place the rocket on the straw and blow for blast off. When you are experimenting, you may realize that some changes make a bigger difference than others. Once you have an idea of what changes are the most important, try designing a rocket that can go the farthest, or fly the most accurately.

More experiments are available at 3M's Science at Home website.