TRANSCRIPT: How Miss Earth 2022 Final 4 fared in Q&A portion


Posted at Nov 29 2022 10:25 PM | Updated as of Nov 29 2022 10:42 PM

Screenshot from Miss Earth's YouTube channel.
Screenshot from Miss Earth's YouTube channel.

MANILA — The final four candidates of Miss Earth 2022 battled it out with the same question, with South Korea's Mina Sue Choi winning the crown on Tuesday at the coronation night in Parañaque.

The Philippines’ Jenny Ramp finished in the Top 20 of the 22nd edition of the pageant, the first to be held in person in three years amid eased pandemic restrictions.

Here's how the queens fared in the Q&A portion with the question: "What is one thing that you want to correct in this world and how would you correct it?"

MISS EARTH 2022: Mina Sue Choi (South Korea) 

If there’s something I would correct in this world it would be being emphathetic. We often mistake kindness as being empathetic but what being empathetic is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes and when it comes to climate issues and other issues in this world one has to be empathetic. You really need to see how the other persons perceive this world, you need to understand their pain by being in their shoes and that like I feel like the first with being empathetic, kindness and empathetic can be different.

MISS EARTH AIR: Sheridan Mortlock (Australia)

"One thing that I would like to right in this world are the wrongs done to our environment. For too long, it is gone unchecked and we have seen the consequence of this as someone who lives in the countryside in Australia I have traveled my nation living the world for 10 to 14 months. I’ve seen firsthand the impact climate change had on our beautiful nature. So If I could write something, I would beg that everybody please reconsider and do their best to ace climate conservation." 

MISS EARTH WATER: Nadeen Ayoub (Palestine)

"I think I would want to fight the ignorance and selfishness of people because I think that is the main problem that we are facing today with all of the issues including the environmental catastrophes that we are facing which are made by humans. Personally, my environmental advocacy was launching an educational campaign with governmental and non-governmental organizations in Palestine including the United Nations where I educate people about the dangers I think that it starts with education and that’s how we can really solve the selfishness and ignorance that we see in the world today and save planet Earth."

MISS EARTH FIRE: Andrea Aguilera (Colombia)

"I think we should start writing about human rights and about the real protection of Mother Earth. Equality. The way we treat human beings … we have to take care of the ecosystems and we have to realize that we are on our planet, our Mother Earth. It’s our responsibility to write about it and to make sure we really take care of it not just by talking but with action." 


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