Erwan Heussaff gives pre-loved kitchen items to aspiring chef

Diana Camacho-Mercado

Posted at Nov 22 2019 07:06 AM

Erwan Heussaff gives his pre-loved kitchen essentials to Nicole Jastive, an aspiring chef. Handout

MANILA – Erwan Heussaff has made a name for himself as a content creator and fitness icon. He is known for his food and travel videos on his blog called “The Fat Kid Inside.”

Just in time for the holiday season, Heussaff partnered with the buy and sell app Carousell to give away a box of pre-loved items to a lucky winner in a campaign called “reboxing.”

An antithesis of the Instagram craze “unboxing,” it’s putting together a box of items you no longer need to give to people who find purpose in it — a “win-win” moment, so to speak.

“My box has three things that I actually hold dear,” the food blogger shared. “Three things that I think every cook should have.”

One of the items in Heussaff’s box is his old cast iron pan, which has appeared in many of his cooking videos. He believes that a cast iron pan gets better with every use as the seasoning and oil help build flavor.

“It’s just a bit more difficult to use — you need to season it for a really long time,” he explained.

It goes without saying that a chef’s knife is an integral part of every cook’s kitchen arsenal. Heussaff previously partnered with a Japanese brand to release 30 limited edition “The Fat Kid Inside” chef’s knives, and one of them made it to his box.

“I’m personally giving away my last one,” he said.

The rest of the items in Heussaff’s box include his “The Fat Kid Inside” apron; his trusty paring knives; and ceramic ware that can be used both in cooking and serving food.

“It’s nice to look at, especially rustic looking ceramic ware,” he said.

The box went to Nicole Jastive, a culinary arts student who wants to be a Michelin-starred chef one day.

“I want to improve on my skills, especially my knife skills and to perfectly cook a very good steak,” she said, when asked by Heussaff why she wants his pre-loved items.


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Heussaff, for his part, is glad that his kitchen essentials have found a new home.

“I’ll definitely keep using the platform,” he added, referring to Carousell. “It’s just a perfect way to get rid of stuff that I know other people might value.”