Real-life crazy rich Asians: Heart Evangelista suffers from anxiety, SG’s Kim Lim deals with annoying ‘Karens’

Lynn Farah, South China Morning Post

Posted at Nov 19 2020 08:50 PM | Updated as of Nov 19 2020 08:58 PM

From starting a hobby to curb lockdown boredom, to ditching their rich parents’ help to make it on their own, these real-life crazy rich Asians may have every luxury at their fingertips, but in many cases, they’re just like us.

Rudy Rong, China
Estimated family net worth: US$2 billion

Having grown up surrounded by yacht parties, private planes and endless luxury cars, Rudy Rong is known as “second-generation rich” because his extravagant lifestyle came courtesy of his video game billionaire parents. His upbringing prompted him to start a company providing services to rich clientele, but after a while, being surrounded by only the wealthy ended up changing him. According to an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he admitted he wasn’t as happy as he could be and felt he needed to prove his own worth rather than rely on his family’s fortunes to get ahead. He closed that company and instead opened a video game distribution outfit, working long hours and hustling to find a new market. Raising capital and navigating his own way in the business world has humbled him, he says.

Kim Lim, Singapore
Estimated family net worth US$2.6 billion


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She’s set to inherit billions from her father, Peter Lim, but this fashionista and businesswoman is determined to prove her own worth as an entrepreneur. She wants to build a global beauty business and had to start from the ground up. She admitted in an interview to that this has meant dealing with crazy clients, having to make tough staffing decisions and working normal office hours as both the face and brains of the brand. It’s clear that despite her background she’s not afraid of putting in hard work to get results.

Heart Evangelista, Philippines
Estimated net worth: US$4 million

Being worth millions of dollars doesn’t mean you’re not human, and actress and fashionista Heart has spoken honestly about having mental health problems in the past. Like billions of people around the world, the influencer suffers from depression and anxiety, which she often talks about on her social media channels. She admits she became depressed after miscarrying her unborn twins in 2018, and in an interview on the show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho earlier this year told the host that sometimes her anxiety gets so bad it manifests itself physically, including her hands going numb and tingling sensations around her mouth. But she says she has found solace in opening up about her battles.

Michelle and Rachel Yeoh, Malaysia
Estimated family net worth: US$1.7 billion

They grew up attending couture shows from age 11 and have wardrobes any fashionista would be jealous of – when it comes to haute couture and luxury jewels, their resources are limitless. But behind the glitz and glam, do they live anything close to a normal life? Well, yes. Both sisters are studying and often ditch the high-fashion for comfy tracksuit bottoms when they buckle down and hit the books. According to Tatler Malaysia, Michelle is studying law and Rachel is studying philosophy and politics. Cue late night coffee runs to get in those last-minute exam tips.

Feiping Chang, Hong Kong
Estimated family net worth: US$3.5 billion

The Instagram influencer may regularly have us gawking at her outfits with envy, but just like us, her life was turned upside down during lockdown. The daughter of business tycoon Roger Wang decided to take on a hobby that she’s always wanted to try: embroidery. According to, she said that lockdown was the perfect chance to begin a hobby that doesn’t need much equipment or cost a lot.

“I mostly do it on my couch in the afternoon with bright natural day light and a good cup of tea. It feels very tranquil and therapeutic to focus on the needlework with music in background.”

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