Erwan Heussaff asked: Nagagandahan ka sa boses ng asawa mo?


Posted at Nov 18 2019 03:40 PM

MANILA – Alex Gonzaga recently featured Erwan Heussaff on her vlog and, as expected, she did what others would never even dare to attempt.

While Heussaff was preparing his Southeast Asian take on tempura with rice for Gonzaga’s vlog, the two ended up talking about ginger, one of the ingredients on the kitchen counter.

“I love ginger, because ginger is also good for the voice,” the singer-actress said.

Realizing that she found another opportunity to crack a joke, Gonzaga asked Heussaff what he thinks of the singing voice of his wife, Anne Curtis: “Nagagandahan ka sa boses ng asawa mo?”

The usually quiet and showbiz-averse Heussaff gamely replied with a smile: “She’s improved a lot… She’s improving a lot.”

This prompted Gonzaga to tell Heussaff to make his wife eat ginger more often so her voice would keep improving.

A self-confessed “non-singer,” Curtis has been known for her courage and confidence to perform live despite barely hitting the high notes.

The actress has gone on concert tours featuring professional singers such as Regine Velasquez.

Gonzaga’s vlog was released days after Curtis revealed on social media and television that she and Heussaff are expecting their first child.

Watch Gonzaga ask Heussaff about Curtis’ singing voice at the 6:26 mark in the video below:

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In Gonzaga’s vlog, Heussaff also expressed his love for Filipino food, saying it is one of his favorite cuisines along with Japanese and Thai.

He said that his go-to dish after a long trip is binakol, a soup made of chicken and a coconut water-based broth.

The food blogger went on to share that he makes “a good kare-kare.”

“I learned how to make a proper kare-kare from chef Claude Tayag who’s in Pampanga. Lahat natural, fresh ingredients,” he said. 

When Gonzaga asked him about his viral taho recipe, Heussaff replied: “That was my greatest mistake, taho. But then I made another video.” 

Addressing the singer-actress’ viewers, he added in jest: “I have a very famous taho recipe if you want to check it out.”