WATCH: Julia Barretto takes on 'Asian Baby Girl' makeup challenge


Posted at Nov 17 2020 01:57 PM


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MANILA -- After watching others do it on YouTube, Julia Barretto finally took on the viral Asian Baby Girl (ABG) challenge.

In her latest vlog, the actress did a full transformation with the help of makeup, false lashes, temporary tattoos, nail extensions, clothes, and accessories.

"It's something that I have been watching all over YouTube. And I've been really enjoying to watch these girls do these transformations," she said.

"And I'm excited because today, I'm going to be doing it myself," she added.

After a long, 20-step makeup process, Barretto began choosing her nail extensions and temporary tattoos. 

"I'm actually really torn between... something with color and that is pink because I really like pink right now. But I also like this matte gray one just probably to achieve more of that ABG look," she said.

"I'm happy because we have here a butterfly which I love so much. I love butterflies, I love anything butterfly," the actress added as she showed some of the temporary tattoos she's about to use.

Watch Barretto take on the ABG makeup challenge in the video below:

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