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App founded by Fil-Am helps consumers discover businesses

Bev Llorente | TFC News Las Vegas

Posted at Nov 10 2021 06:00 PM

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While the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted economic activity, it has also created new opportunities for many thriving start-up businesses.

Among them is Nirmy, a new search and discovery app designed to connect businesses with consumers. Fil-Am CEO Mick Riego founded and designed Nirmy. His 17-year experience in the advertising industry helped push him to create an app.

"I was living in Los Angeles and I was kinda frustrated using what’s currently available to us to find and discover new places. So I came up with this app, designed, [and] developed it. I flew to the Philippines to assemble a software engineering team and that's how we created Nirmy," Riego said.

Nirmy's distinct graphical interface sets it apart from other compelling search platforms. When users launch the app, it detects their location and immediately displays a grid of brand tiles, or images representing businesses near the user.

"Nirmy is its own environment, search environment. It doesn't tie to any search engines whether it's Bing or Google. It’s populated by businesses who upload their businesses onto the platform.."

Riego also noted that unlike other platforms, Nirmy doesn't collect much information from users. "You are completely protected from a privacy standpoint, because the platform... only knows your first name so that it can greet you 'good morning' or 'good afternoon' when you launch the app. Otherwise, we don't need to target you to deliver the business ads because you are actually seeking out those ads... You are entering your ads that were targeted to you based on your online activity."

Riego asserted Nirmy aims to help both big and small businesses.

"Big businesses like chains, restaurants like McDonald's are very sophisticated marketers. [They] have big budgets. Small business owners barely have time to even worry about marketing," Riego pointed out. "Across the board whether you are a sophisticated marketer or you are somebody who runs a small business out of your kitchen, there is no barrier."

Nirmy is offering a full year of free services to small business owners worldwide. For Filipino-owned small businesses in North America and Australia, Nirmy is offering a two-year no-cost listing to help them bounce back from the economic turmoil brought by the pandemic.

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