Makeup hack: Rabiya Mateo swears by red lipstick in hiding dark circles


Posted at Nov 10 2020 01:43 PM


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MANILA -- Did you know that you can use red lipstick with concealer to hide dark undereye circles? 

This is one of the makeup hacks shared by Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo in an interview with the local fashion website Preview, with the beauty queen saying it works well with women of Indian descent like her.

"The thing is, because I have Indian blood, my undereye is kind of dark and it's deep," she said. 

"I put concealer on top [of the lipstick] and it erases the dark circles and evens my skin tone," she added. "This is my secret."

Preview acknowledged the effectiveness of Mateo's makeup hack, directing its readers to a 2015 vlog by Indian beauty influencer Deepica Mutyala doing the same thing to cover her dark circles. 

But it noted that the more common approach by makeup artists is using an orange corrector.

In the interview, Mateo said concealer is her must-have beauty product as she admitted that her skin is "not perfect."

"I experience acne problems, so it hides my blemishes," she said. 

She also advised her fellow morenas to look for the right foundation shade as it can make or break their look. To do this, they have to test the product on their face instead of just trying it on the back of their hand.

"When I go to a makeup store, I swatch [the product] on my face, and then after that I'll go around the mall for one hour," she said. 

"If it matches, then I'll go back to the store and buy that foundation. So don't just buy something you just tried. You need to see if it oxidizes or not," she added. 

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