LOOK: Winwyn Marquez's journey at Reina Hispanoamericana pageant


Posted at Nov 05 2017 08:00 PM

Winwyn Marquez made history on Saturday (Sunday morning in Manila) when she became the first-ever Filipina and Asian to compete and win in the Reina Hispanoamericana pageant.

Marquez proved that although she doesn’t speak Spanish, this isn’t a hindrance to winning the pageant that celebrates Hispanic-American culture.

That was also basically the essence of her answer during the competition’s question-and-answer portion.

As the country celebrates her victory, here’s a look back at Marquez’s journey in the pageant.

Marquez left the Philippines on October 19. Two days later, she began slaying at the pre-pageant photo shoots. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

In between work, Marquez got the chance to bond with the other contestants over lunch. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

When there were no photo shoots, Marquez visited radio stations for interviews. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

Marquez is seen with the other delegates for their Ipanema photo shoot. She was later awarded the Miss Ipanema special award. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

Marquez wore a black suede dress during the first presentation of the Reina Hispanoamerica contestants. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

Here is another shot of Marquez at a different photo shoot wearing a printed bikini. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

On October 29, Marquez shared that they had a shoot at Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

Marquez definitely made friends with the other contestants. Here she is with her roommates. Instagram.com/wynmarquez

One day before the coronation night, Marquez posed beside the Philippine flag expressing how proud she is to represent the country in the pageant. Instagram.com/wynmarquez