LOOK: Kawaii breads that are too cute to eat

Barbie Salvador-Muhlach

Posted at Nov 02 2018 01:19 PM

Kumori's kawaii breads. Photo by author

MANILA – When Kumori Japanese bakery opened shop in the Philippines in 2015, it delighted bread lovers with its cloud-soft offerings and Signature Hanjaku Cheese – the brand’s version of the widely loved Japanese cheesecake. 

It introduced Japanese pastries and helped strengthen its foothold on the industry map. 

Three years later, Kumori is bringing forth another authentic Japanese culture to the food scene: kawaii. 

Kawaii simply means adorable or cute. It’s everywhere in Japanese pop culture, from the Hello Kitty brand and Lolita fashion to Pokemon decorations on their public transport. Of course, the culture of cuteness also spilled over to food offerings. And who else better to bring that kawaii baked goodness than a real Japanese bakery?

On Kumori’s display shelves are four new animal buns, each with its own flavor and name. There’s a chick named Chee-chee (cheese), a Lion Prince (pork floss), Teddy Yum bear (milk chocolate) and a penguin named Oh-Reo (cookies and cream). The kawaii breads are still the signature soft kumori breads but with a different flavor and definitely more adorable. 

Average pricing is nearly one dollar a piece – a bit steep for most Filipinos who can get a whole loaf of bread for that price. But even at a time of high inflation, many pastry lovers won’t have a problem buying the irresistibly cute breads. 

The problem really, for kids and maybe even full-grown adults is chomping up the breads that are just too cute to eat.