New eats: Korea's dessert shop Kiss the Tiramisu opens in PH

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Nov 02 2017 06:00 AM

Kiss the Tiramisu is located at Three Central Building on Valero Street in Makati. Photo by author

MANILA -- Kiss the Tiramisu, a popular dessert café from South Korea, has opened its first store in the Philippines. 

The Philippine branch, located on Valero Street in Salcedo Village, Makati City, joins the roster of Kiss the Tiramisu branches around the world like in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, with an Australia branch set to open soon. 

“As an ice cream lover, I always want to try something new and something different. So when I was walking the streets of Hong Dae, I saw a booth with a long queue, it was Kiss the Tiramisu… Upon my first bite, it was totally magical, my unforgettable first 'kiss'! I knew at that moment that I wanted to bring this brand to the Philippines,” explained Shirley Vy of Foodealogy Inc, the local franchisee of Kiss the Tiramisu. 

As its name suggests, the specialty is the Italian dessert tiramisu. 

Local franchisee Shirley Vy with Jiro Kim, the founder of Kiss the Tiramisu. Photo by author

Jiro Kim, the founder of Kiss the Tiramisu, wondered what would happen if they made tiramisu ice cream using creamy and tangy mascarpone cheese, as well as the only best fresh milk from Korea. Kiss the Tiramisu quickly gained popularity and soon enough, it was normal to get long queues for a cup. 

And why not? Because this is not your typical soft-serve. Besides the mascarpone-addition, the ice cream comes in a fancy gold-rimmed acrylic glass. Assembly of a cup starts with a smear of pure mascarpone cheese, then special soft-serve ice cream joins layers of cookies, syrups, or cakes, giving us a cup akin to a parfait or a sundae.

For the Philippines, Kiss the Tiramisu offers four variants. 

Kiss the Tiramisu offers four flavors of its soft-serve ice cream. Photo by author

First-timers can’t go wrong with the Original Tiramisu — deliciously creamy and milky mascarpone soft-serve in between layers of coffee-soaked cake, swirls of coffee sauce, and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. A bite will make you understand why people line up for this treat even when it’s winter. 

One of Kiss the Tiramisu’s most popular flavors worldwide is the Matcha Ice Cream, which will have matcha lovers swooning. Luscious matcha sauce joins with coffee-soaked cake, and mascarpone ice cream, with a sprinkling of matcha powder to finish. It’s a balanced bite of sweet, tangy, and that addicting bitterness of the matcha flavor. 

The third is something uncommon to the Filipino palate. In the Injeolmi, a Korean cake joins the soft-serve with a sprinkling of soy bean powder on top. The soy powder reminds me of a nutty polvoron, with a similar texture to boot. Those wanting something that’s not too sweet should take a liking to this flavor. 

The Midas Touch is exclusive to the Philippines. Photo by author

Exclusive only to the Philippines is the Midas Touch. In every country that the brand goes to, Kiss the Tiramisu creates a unique flavor and for the Philippines, it’s a soft-serve cup with ube cake, caramel custard (leche flan), layers of crushed barquillos, drizzled with caramel sauce, and for the ‘midas’ part of it, some edible gold leaf. Gold-tipped and gorgeous (highly Instagrammable), one might hesitate to order it, but the taste screams familiar Filipino. A must-try. 

As the cold season is upon us, if you’re not in the mood for ice cream (although ice cream with its hot or cold coffee concoctions are also a great thing in this flip-flopping weather), Kiss the Tiramisu has cakes that warrant a gander. Real mascarpone cheese mixed in with cream, in between layers of lady fingers soaked in strong Korean coffee, each bite with all the layers offers real tiramisu bliss. 

Kiss the Tiramisu also serve cakes and coffee. Photo by author

More Kiss the Tiramisu branches in the Philippines are set to open soon. In the meantime though, if you’re in Valero, treat yourself to something indulgent (we highly recommend the Midas Touch or the Original Tiramisu cake or ice cream).