Miss Intercontinental 2021: Top 6 finalists' answers in Q&A

Karl Cedrick Basco, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 30 2021 08:09 AM

Photos from Miss Intercontinental Instagram account
Photos from Miss Intercontinental Instagram account

Cagayan de Oro beauty Cindy Obeñita gave the Philippines its second Miss Intercontinental crown after winning the 2021 edition of the pageant in Egypt on Saturday morning (PH time).

After making it to the Top 6 of the competition, Obeñita went head-to-head with Mexico, Seychelles, England, Canada, and Colombia in the question and answer segment.

Obeñita appeared to have impressed the panel of judges and viewers when she answered the question about speaking in English in the Miss Intercontinental pageant.

Here is how the six finalists fared in the final round of the competition.

Cindy Obeñita, Philippines
Miss Intercontinental 2021

Q: As an international ambassador, do you believe that speaking English is important for Miss Intercontinental? Why or why not?

A: As an ambassador, I don't think that speaking a specific language is very important here in Miss Intercontinental or any pageant at all. As long as that woman is a woman of power and grace, commitment, and intelligence. No matter what language she speaks, and that woman is actually a woman of style and substance, then she can win any pageant or any endeavor she is into. Also, it's very important, I have learned actually here in Miss Intercontinental, that a woman should possess power of substance. And I believe I am that woman because that is the essence of modern-day Miss Intercontinental -- that we are living in a world that's very hard to survive. And as a Miss Intercontinental, I would like to be that source of hope, that source of inspiration on the true power of beauty and that is felt on the kindness of our hearts and definitely on the sincerity of our loving actions. 

Paulina Uceda, Mexico
Miss Intercontinental 2021 1st runner-up 

Q: What can be done with the lack of jobs for individuals starting their careers around the world?

A: It would be an honor for me because this is a dream come true and I want to other girls in the world to be able to...I think we have Miss Intercontinental as a job that you have for 1 year. This is a job where you have a responsibility to be an example to the other girls in the world. I'm a normal woman. I'm not perfect. The most important is your heart, your mind, and your self...Nothing is more important than what your heart meant and yourself. 

Romy Simpkins, England
Miss Intercontinental 2021 2nd runner-up 

Q: What is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth? 

A: I think the biggest enemy of Mother Earth is people not being kind to one another. I mentioned it in my interview. I feel that kindness is beauty and that is your power. Be kind to one another. We can definitely make this world a better place. 

Kelly-Mary Anette, Seychelles
Miss Intercontinental 2021 3rd runner-up 

Q: Who is the most successful woman living today? and why?

A: I would say the most successful people living, the most successful woman for my case will be my mother. She departed my life when I was 14. It's through her life that I am able to give to the kids who doesn't have their mothers or fathers. It's through her life's loving and kindness that I'm now able to live through our characters and personalities. And I live everyday as if it was my last day. It is through her life. 

Kaitlyn Li, Canada
Miss Intercontinental 2021 4th runner-up 

Q: If you're going to write a song about your experience here in Miss Intercontinental, what would you call it?

A: I will call it "The Power of Beauty." Every woman on this stage is beautiful in their own way. They're inspirational. They are leaders. And I have been inspired to become the best version of myself after spending just two weeks with them. They have taught me life lessons and I can't wait to teach them to the youth and empower young women.

Maria Paula Castillo, Colombia 
Miss Intercontinental 2021 5th runner-up 

Q: What is one big mistake that you made in your life? And what did you do to make it right? 

A: Good evening to everyone. I think the worst mistake that I made in my life... COVID-19. He teach to all humanity and also me to be more grateful for what you have in the present. For we are grateful that we are here and our family is complete and we are alive. I just want to be more grateful everyday.