'I have nothing against her': Ariadna Gutierrez has a message for Pia Wurtzbach


Posted at Oct 29 2020 11:44 AM

Pia Wurtzbach (right) is crowned Miss Universe 2015 after Ariadna Gutierrez (left) was mistakenly named winner. Ethan Miller, Getty Images/AFP

MANILA – Former Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez admitted she has not had the chance to talk to Pia Wurtzbach yet ever since the controversial Miss Universe pageant in 2015.

Speaking to Jeff Fernando for the online show “Famous Ka,” Gutierrez said their respective busy schedules got in the way such that they did not get to see each other anymore after the competition.

“Unfortunately, after what happened in Miss Universe in 2015, I never got the chance to see her again. I think we both started a new life. We were both very busy,” she said.

“She was enjoying her year as Miss Universe, she had a lot of things to do. Me as well. I think we got apart because of our jobs and I never got the opportunity to see her again. I was never in touch anymore with the Miss Universe Organization so we never got the chance to see each other.”

Gutierrez admitted that this also greatly helped her when it comes to moving on from what happened.

“At the beginning, it was hard to be honest. It was my dream since I was a little girl. It was my dream to be Miss Universe. I spent a couple of years to prepare for that. At the beginning it was hard. My family was sad and me as well.

“But with all the opportunities that came after that, I started to enjoy life, enjoying every single project that I was in. I was motivated with other stuff that was going on in my life and definitely keeping myself busy with projects. That’s how I moved on with the support and help of my family,” she said.

Five years later, Gutierrez said she would love to talk to Wurtzbach if given an opportunity.

“I really would love to meet her in person. If Pia is watching this, I really would love to meet you very, very soon and like talk about everything that happened from your point of view, from your experience,” she said.

“Because whatever I say, and I say it every time I have an interview, people think I hate her or people think I hate Steve Harvey or whatever. I don’t hate Pia and I don’t hate Steve because Pia and I, we were both victims of what happened,” she added.

Emphasizing that she has nothing against Wurtzbach, Gutierrez said: “Pia, if you are watching this, I really would love to meet you very soon. I have nothing but respect for you. I am very happy for all your success and I wish that maybe in the future, we could go together to the Philippines.”

Just recently, Gutierrez made waves following a statement she made about Wurtzbach.

In an interview, the Colombian beauty was quoted as saying that she never thought that Wurtzbach would win Miss Universe, comparing her to a "ghost" that she and her fellow Latina candidates rarely saw throughout the competition.

"I actually saw her twice during the competition, once at the dining area and during rehearsals. But a person like a... a ghost! You see her and never again, like the exit signs! Nobody saw her," she said in Spanish, as translated by the local pageant website Pageanthology 101.

"I used to go with the Latinas but we sat with the Asians and I did not notice her," she added. "She was very solitary, too. I did not notice her and when I did, I did not think of her as my competition. That is the truth."

Gutierrez already clarified the issue through an Instagram comment picked up by the local pageant website Pageanthology 101, where she said people only misunderstood what she said about the Filipina beauty queen.