LOOK: Scarlet Snow visits unfinished Amorsolo painting of her lola


Posted at Oct 27 2018 07:34 PM

Up until a couple of years ago, no one really knew that the woman in this unfinished painting (pictured below) by Fernando Amorsolo, a National Artist, was the mother of Vicki Belo.

And up until a few weeks ago, the celebrity doctor never really got a chance to visit the work at the National Museum in Manila with her family, including her daughter Scarlet Snow.

Photos uploaded this Saturday showed Belo bringing along Scarlet Snow to meet her lola, as depicted by Amorsolo, who did not complete the portrait. Amorsolo died in 1972.

"Her name is Florencia Singson Gonzalez-Belo, the late mother of the famous dermatologist Dr. Vicki Belo," a caption for the photos, shared on the Facebook page of the National Museum, read.

"This unfinished painting was part of the donation made by Amorsolo's widow Maria del Carmen Zaragoza that included his studio furniture, memorabilia and more than 100 studies and drawings," it added.

It was also explained that the woman was identified with the help of Judy Araneta Roxas back in 2016.

"In March 2016 as we were preparing for a donation of a statue by Guillermo Tolentino from the President Manuel Roxas Foundation, we gave Mrs. Judy Araneta Roxas a tour around the National Museum of Fine Arts. She pointed out that the last portrait of Amorsolo was 'Nena' Belo," the museum wrote.

Belo learned of the painting through her son, Quark Henares, a year after that.

On Instagram, she recalled that her aunts all had portraits painted by Amorsolo, but her mother never had one.


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Belo visited the painting last month.