Food shorts: Coffee treats, ube champorado and more

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Oct 24 2021 04:53 PM

MANILA -- Check out some of the latest news in the local food scene. 

Macao Imperial coffee 

It’s officially the ber-months and Macao Imperial Milk Tea stays cool with bestsellers like their Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea topped with their Signature Cheesecake cream, and the Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea blended with Oreo bits and topped with cream cheese. 

But it's not just milk tea. Macao Imperial Milk Tea has a coffee line that includes espresso beverages from the basic Americano to creamy frappe creations. The White Mocha Mpresso is one of the latter, an icy sweet and creamy treat with white chocolate and a shot of espresso, and a generous topping of fresh whipped cream. 

Available in Alta and Maior sizes, these Macao Imperial bestsellers and more are available via their stores nationwide, their website, and food delivery apps. 

Ube Panacotta Champorado by Indulge by Daisy Marie

It’s the rainy season — and it’s perfect champorado weather! 

Indulging this craving is as easy as ordering a bucket of Indulge by Daisy Marie’s sinfully delicious but still healthy Dark Chocolate Adlai Champorado or the extra rich Triple Chocolate Champorado. 

But if you’re looking for something different, champorado maven Daisy Marie invented a new bucket to taste. Made to be eaten cold like an Italian rice pudding, this ube champorado has real grated ube bits with the rice so you get a multi-textured creaminess in every spoonful. Amping up this creamy temptation is the addition of a panna cotta layer that’s smooth and creamy and adds just the right amount of sweetness. This rice pudding is ready to eat for a quick cold breakfast or a luscious dessert! 

Best enjoyed cold when you’ve still got panna cotta on top but very much giving ginataan vibes sans the coconut cream taste when hot, the Ube Champorado is available for pre-order via Indulge by Daisy Marie’s order form on their Instagram page. 

Coffee and Olive Cake by Drunk Baker 

Olive cake isn’t as popular here in the Philippines, and it’s something that olive oil cake queen Joey Silvestre aims to change one cake at a time with the Drunk Baker PH. 

As the name suggests, they use liquor and spirts in their creations. The Drunk Baker first gained media attention with their delectable olive oil cake with rum cream cheese and fresh strawberries and has continued to get traction thanks to treats like their whisky brownies and olive oil chocolate chip cookies. 

This time around, Silvestre has a treat for coffee lovers with the Kahlua Olive Oil Cake. Drunk Baker’s olive oil cake is infused with Kahlua coffee liquor and topped with a Kahlua buttercream frosting. It’s not overly coffee -- just a touch -- but with that trademark richness and moistness of olive oil cake. 

While like most buttercream topped things it’s best eaten chilled, this author made the serendipitous mistake of heating a slice and ended up with a bite that resembled a sticky toffee pudding but with coffee flavor — delicious! 

The Kahlua Olive Cake comes in delivery proof trays, like their extra chocolatey fudgy whisky chocolate cake tray. Available during weekends or pre-order, order via the Drunk Baker PH’s Instagram page.