Isabel Oli shares fitness journey to inspire other moms to stay fit


Posted at Oct 22 2021 05:37 PM

Photo from Isabel Oli's Instagram account
Photo from Isabel Oli's Instagram account

As she turned 40, Isabel Oli penned an encouraging message for mothers who wish to stay fit just like her despite giving birth to their kids. 

In a lengthy post, Oli recalled her fitness journey after receiving several messages on social media about how she lost extra pounds and returned to her pre-partum body.

According to the actress, it began in October 2020 when she started to feel frustrated about aging. 

“Back then, I was really starting to get frustrated cause I felt that as I aged, losing my body fat is getting harder and harder. I badly wanted to get back in shape, but honestly, the push and motivation to start doing it is really a huge challenge,” Oli revealed. 

“I just had to decide to do what's best for me and for my family. I need to keep reminding myself that I should prioritize my well-being so I could really take care my precious ones at home.”

Surprisingly, Oli admitted she had an easy start in her journey, especially because she was inspired to begin something. However, it became difficult to be consistent on her fitness goals. 

“There are times na tinatamad ako. One thing that helped me though when this happens is the push I get from those people who care about me, my hubby, my close friends, even my fitness coach. I thank God that they're there to constantly keep me motivated and determined,” Oli said. 

Oli went on to clarify that having a leaner body does not always mean a healthy body. 

“Having a thin or lean physique is not a guarantee that one is in good shape. A good sense of well-being happens when we are able to provide care and nourishment for our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. If we only care for one area and neglect the others, imbalance occurs,” she said. 

The actress admitted that she is far from her fitness goals but is nonetheless proud of the progress she has achieved.

Oli has been married to actor-director John Prats since 2015. They have three children together.