Lara Quigaman gets real about her post-pregnancy body


Posted at Oct 22 2018 06:21 PM

MANILA – Beauty queen-turned-actress Lara Quigaman shared an emotional message about embracing her post-pregnancy body after getting “insensitive” comments from her relatives and friends.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Quigaman opened up about her insecurities after giving birth to her second child.

“Just a few days after giving birth, some relatives and friends visited me and asked, ‘Bakit ang laki pa rin ng tiyan mo?’ I know they don’t mean anything bad, but people can be so insensitive. And all those photos of ‘celebrities and models’ that seem to look so perfect right after giving birth don’t help either,” she said.

“I mean, hello, I just gave birth,” added Quigaman, who was crowned Miss International in 2005. “I was cut open and a human being came out of me! Can you just congratulate me?”


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Quigaman admitted that it was initially hard for her to post a photo of her postpartum body which, she said, is “what the world sees as ‘flaws.’”

“Well, this is the real deal,” she said. “My body housed two beautiful baby boys and it took nine months each time to grow them in my belly. And I have accepted the fact (trying to by God’s grace) that it will take some time for my body to go back to the way it was (if it does go back). And if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too.”

She continued: “Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for those moms who have flat tummies just a few days after giving birth. But we’re all different, and that’s okay. And I want other mamas out there who are like me – who look at themselves in the mirror and feel sad because of what they see – to know that you are not alone.”

“To all the mamas out there who are exhausted, who’s not had a proper shower, whose breasts are super sore, those who can’t recognize their own bodies because of the stretchmarks and the chloasma or the dark patches all over their bodies, to those who still look pregnant after a month or even months after giving birth, cheers to us! We are all beautiful and unbelievably strong, and God has given us such a wonderful gift that’s worth all these hardships and body changes.”


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Quigaman’s newborn son, Tobias, is her second child with her husband, actor Marco Alcaraz. 

They also have a five-year-old son named Noah.