Chef Aleth Ocampo launches new line of pottery


Posted at Oct 22 2017 04:43 PM

MANILA – Chef and painter Aleth Ocampo launched her brand new line of pottery on Saturday at Aphro Living at The Alley.

In creating her beautiful designs, Ocampo’s utilized intricate patterns where she incorporated her paintings.

“I am a painter. I am also a chef but a few years ago, I decided to go with pottery. Everything is done by hand so no two pieces would be exactly the same. The painter is still there,” she said in a video uploaded by Metro Magazine.

Aphro owner Tina Fernandez, meanwhile, said she appreciates Ocampo’s works because of their vibrant colors.

“She's a painter and because she's a chef, she also knows how she would like her food presented. You will actually enjoy the art of eating because of the art in front of you,” Aphro owner Tina Fernandez said.

Check out Ocampo’s pottery works at the Aphro Living.