Health-related items over designer goods: How pandemic has changed Kris Aquino's shopping habits


Posted at Oct 21 2020 03:40 PM


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MANILA -- Kris Aquino admitted on Tuesday that just like most people, the novel coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected her lifestyle, including her shopping habits.

Speaking during a virtual media huddle after being launched as the newest brand ambassador of Shopee, the country's "Queen of All Media" revealed that she still loves to shop, but her priorities have drastically changed.

Instead of regularly purchasing designer goods and other fashion items, she has turned her attention to health-related products during the lockdown.

"If you check my credit cards, sad sila," she said in jest. "Net-a-Porter (luxury shopping website) has EIP (extremely important privileges)... I think I'm going to be downgraded because I did not buy anything at all."

"What has changed is you're not going out, so what's the point?" she added. "When I came home [from Puerto Galera], I realized how many pairs of shoes I haven't even worn, how many bags I haven't used. And I don't have a daughter so wala namang makikinabang."

According to Aquino, she and her household have been buying more of different items that clean and disinfect, from the pricier UV sterilizers and air purifiers down to less expensive products such as anti-bacterial towels, personal protective equipment, and face shields. 

"Bimby (her son) has all of those [personal air purifiers], he even sleeps with one on. I don't know if it works or whatever, but it's parang psychological. But with him, he said his allergic rhinitis went away because of that," she said. 

"We bought more of those UV cleaners that you pass through these things and it will clean up... And there's this steam germ killer that they use for me. It's a vacuum, 170 degrees Celsius, that's supposed to kill germs and all. So those are the buying habits that I think that changed," she continued. 

"We're so much conscious about anything to do with health. Those are the things that we are really spending on to keep ourselves healthy."

Aside from health-related products, Aquino has also been buying more work-from-home essentials such as lighting for her virtual calls and videos. 


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She said she has yet to pick up a new hobby during the lockdown as all she does during her free time is read books. 

"I just really read a lot, and I'm still debating because there's a new iPad out and they launched it," she said. "And then Bimb got mad at me because he said, 'You already have four iPads, why do you want another one? And there's nothing great about that new iPad.'"

"So I said, 'Okay, I won't.' There," she ended, laughing.

Aquino has a one-year contract with Shopee, and is promoting the e-commerce platform's "big Christmas sale" in November and December.

She is also the face of Shopee: Bayanihan: Pamaskong Pambata, which aims to raise funds for partner organizations that support Filipino youth. 

Martin Yu, associate director at Shopee Philippines, said they are honored to have Aquino as their newest celebrity ambassador.

"Christmas is the biggest holiday in the Philippines, and we are excited to kickstart the celebrations with Kris Aquino," he said.