She helped them dream, now it's time to fulfill her own


Posted at Oct 09 2018 03:06 PM

Being a teacher is one of the noblest professions. It requires one’s unwavering passion and dedication. It is the ultimate profession needed to build all other professions.

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In the Philippines, teachers don’t feel as valued as they should be. Teaching as a profession doesn’t pay well, and teachers are forced to incur loans just to survive.

It was through one of her teachers, however, that Lourdes Santiago, or Ma’am Santiago to her pupils, eventually decided to pursue the same profession.

Now a teacher for more than three decades, Lourdes remains steadfast to her duty, devoting her life mostly to improving her teaching methods, whether inside or outside the classroom.

But at 57 years old and only three years before her retirement, Lourdes realizes how much time she spent focusing on her profession, and how little time she has left for preparing for her own future. With her loans piling up and her teaching load weighing her down, will she ever be able to retire happily? 

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