Jachin Manere recalls emotional breakdown after 'Top Model' loss


Posted at Oct 08 2018 06:09 PM


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MANILA – If there is one thing that Jachin Manere learned from her stint on “Asia’s Next Top Model,” it is to always be the best version of herself.

“It was challenging,” recalled Manere in an interview with the local fashion website Preview.ph. “I was looking for challenges in my modeling career, and I got it there.”

“I learned to be patient. I learned to be my best self at all times… because one mistake can eliminate you,” she added.

Manere was eliminated during the sixth week of competition after getting the lowest score in a supermarket-themed photo shoot.

She has since expressed optimism about what is in store for her after “Asia’s Next Top Model” as she declared in an Instagram post: “Now watch me take over in the real world.”

But accepting defeat was not that easy at first for Manere, who admitted that she suffered from an emotional breakdown after the results were announced.

“I was shocked because I know for myself I was doing very well throughout the competition. But as I’ve said, one mistake can eliminate you,” she said. 

“What happened to me kasi wasn’t shown on television, but it was very traumatizing,” she added. “[I broke down because] of all the things that happened and I had post-show stress, but I got through it and I just want to say that I’m very happy I got out.”

With only one semester left before finishing college, Manere plans to pursue modeling abroad.

“After graduation, I can go abroad and be an international model, which has become a pending goal for me. I would like to be a high fashion runway and print model,” she said.