WATCH: Hayden Kho's heartfelt wedding vows to Vicki Belo


Posted at Oct 05 2017 04:34 PM


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MANILA – “You are my beloved, Vicki. There is nothing you can do that can make me not love you.”

Hayden Kho is seen saying these words to his wife, fellow celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, in a video he posted on Instagram on Thursday.

The clip showed parts of his heartfelt vows to Belo in their church wedding in Paris, France last month.

Here, Kho promised to be Belo’s “forever kakampi,” saying he will always be at her side “even if I lose the friendship of everyone else.”

He also assured his wife that he will love her “genuinely, fully, honorably, sacrificially, and exclusively.”


[Sept 2, 2017] My Dearest Vicki, We’ve been together for 12 years. It’s been a tough journey that’s full of ups and downs, laughters and tears, moments we felt most alive, and moments we felt there's no more point in going on. To be honest, until now I still don’t know what you really see in me. While I saw myself as unattractive, undesirable, and underserving of love, you saw me as the man that I can only hope to be - a man of talent, heart, and potential for great things. But when I look at you, Vicki, what I see is … LOVE. Yes, your looks are lovely, your eyes sparkling, and the way you move irresistibly alluring; but when I close my eyes and think of you, I only see - no, feel - love. Like love… You never give up on people. You care more for others than yourself. You never boast. You’re never arrogant. You keep no scores of the mistake of others. You don't revel when others - even those who hurt you - grovel. You always trust. You always look for the best in everyone. You never look back but keeps on going to the end. And just as love never dies, my love for you too will never perish. And now that we are one, before God I make this promise to you: “Walang iwanan,” even when our hairs become gray, our bones brittle, and the wrinkles on our face reveal the many problems and challenges that we will overcome together over time as husband and wife. “Walang iwanan,” even in times when you are being bratty and difficult, and hard to love. You are my beloved, Vicki. There is nothing you can do that can make me not love you. I will be your forever “kakampi.” Even if I lose the friendship of everyone else, I will be on your side, by your side, and we will sort things out together as we trust God for guidance. —— I will love you, Vicki, the way our Savior Jesus has commanded me to love you - genuinely, fully, honorably, sacrificially, and exlusively. With God’s help, I will never stop trying to be the best husband to you and father to our child, Scarlet Snow (and any other child with whom God blesses us) I will honor my God-given responsibility to LEAD our family to sanctity and righteousness, through faith, hope, and most of all, love.

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Prior to their church wedding, Kho and Belo tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Manila. They have a two-year-old daughter, Scarlet Snow.

The two have been in a relationship for 12 years amid controversies – from their 23-year age gap to the 2009 sex video involving Kho and other women.