This online campaign aims to stop name-calling


Posted at Oct 03 2022 06:57 PM

MANILA -- A personal care brand has started an online campaign that aims to build self-esteem among the youth.

Dove Philippines recently released a video that hopes to put an end to name-calling, showing how lower body confidence is preventing people from becoming their best selves.

It featured Filipino girls who wear name tags that show nicknames given to them by their family and relatives. The nicknames are based on perceived imperfections related to weight, hair, and complexion, such as Taba (fat) and Pusit (squid).

They admitted how name-calling hurt them, and that they tried at one point to change their appearance to fit a certain standard. 

Realizing that they are beautiful in their own way, the girls crossed out the nicknames given to them and wrote their real names as they faced the world with a smile.

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The video is part of Dove's global Self-Esteem Project, an initiative that also involves parents, mentors, teachers, youth leaders, and the media. 

It has so far reached 20 million young people, according to its website. 

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