How much did Xander Ford's makeover cost

Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 03 2017 08:01 PM | Updated as of Oct 03 2017 10:07 PM

Xander Ford gets a retouch as he met the press for the first time since undergoing a makeover on Monday. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

MANILA -- The internet was ablaze on Sunday night with the debut of Xander Ford -- otherwise known as Marlou Arizala -- with a pointed nose, an extended chin, straighter teeth, and thicker brows.

But getting rid of his natural features did not come cheap.

Here's a breakdown of the approximate cost of Marlou's makeover:

approx. P100,000

To change the bridge and width of his nose, Arizala had to undergo two operations at the Icon Clinic. 

He had a rhinoplasty that changed the shape of his nose, and an alarplasty to trim its width, Dr. Eric Yapjuangco said in an interview.

The cosmetic surgeon told reporters that Arizala's nose job amounted to about P100,000 as a Gore-Tex implant had to be attached to his nose's bridge.

approx. P70,000

To give the former Hasht5 member a more defined jawline, his chin was reshaped by installing a medical-grade silicone implant. Yapjuangco said the chin enhancer would last a lifetime.

approx. P170,000

Arizala's front teeth were crooked and his bite was misaligned, aesthetic dentist John Crespo said.

Crespo said ceramic veneers - porcelain attached on each tooth to augment its shape - had to be placed on his anterior teeth.

Crespo has yet to respond to ABS-CBN News' inquiries about the dental procedure, but other dentists said that each ceramic veneer costs between P18,000 to P25,000. At least eight veneers were attached to Arizala's teeth.

Aside from the cosmetic dental procedure, Arizala also availed of dental filling and prophylaxis to eliminate cavities and stains.


Cashmere-colored strands were added to Marlou's eyebrows to make them thicker and more masculine.

The Pretty Looks Aesthetics Center said the procedure cost P35,000 as it was Sue Hanna Ong - the company's chief operating officer and top doctor - who did the stranding for the former Hasht5 member.

approx. P1,500

Asia's Lashes gave Arizala semi-permanent eyelashes to enhance and liven up his lids.


Arizala's lips were also tinted to reduce the dark color and make his lips more kissable. This is a three-session procedure that ranges from P15,000 to P35,000.

Another P1,000 is charged for every "retouch" session.


The internet sensation also availed of anti-wrinkle treatments from Pretty Looks Aesthetics Center.

At least P7,000 is charged for each area or body part where the treatment will be performed. 

An attendant from the clinic said Arizala needed the treatment on his forehead, neck and jaw.


No transformation will be complete without a change in hairstyle. SandreaLee Salon gave Arizala a new cut and dyed his tresses.


Yapjuangco said Arizala still has to undergo skin whitening treatments and other procedures to give him a smoother and fairer complexion. 

"Kasi medyo magaspang 'yung mukha so kailangan natin pakinisin and pinapaputi natin siya," Yapjuangco said.

The cosmetic surgeon made no mention of what kind of treatments these will be or how much these would cost.

Arizala also said he procured grey contact lenses.

Based on these estimates from Arizala's sponsors, his transformation to become Xander Ford has a price tag amounting to P435,000.

But Arizala did not have to shell out nearly P.5 million since he had sponsors. 

But the teen who hopes to join the ranks of Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, and James Reid said the physical pain of undergoing several procedures in a short period of time was more unbearable than his hefty transformation bill.

"Gusto kong may mabago lang sakin para maging iba din yung tingin ng tao sa 'kin," said Arizala who used to be the butt of jokes because of his looks.