Business tip from BreadTalk: Show your kitchen


Posted at Oct 03 2017 04:05 PM


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MANILA – Food entrepreneurs, here’s a tried and tested way to make your products more appealing to your customers.

One of the main factors that made BreadTalk one of the most popular brands in Asia is its manner of presenting its products. 

It was the first in Singapore to have an open kitchen concept for bakeries, installing transparent glass panels to let guests have a closer look at how the breads are made.

Maverick Seah, senior vice president for international franchise of BreadTalk Singapore, said this greatly helped in selling their baked goods. 

“We had transparent glass panels so they’ll see how our bread is being done. We made them closer to the source so they feel that what they’re getting is really, really fresh,” said Seah, who recently visited Manila for Franchise Asia Philippines 2017.

“We took things a step forward.”

BreadTalk first opened in Singapore in 2000 and now has 750 stores in 17 countries including the Philippines. 

Its original breads topped with pork or chicken floss are still available today.


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To cater to varying preferences, the brand makes an effort to offer something new every other month.

“Our breads are always different. For us, product innovation is very important. If you don’t innovate, you’re gone,” Seah said. “Try eating the same bread for five days in a row, you’ll get sick of it. Innovation is really our core.”

Aside from coming up with new products regularly, BreadTalk also makes sure to have different store designs that are “shareable” on social media. 

“If you look at our stores and they’re the same year after year, it’s not Facebook-worthy,” Seah said. “We always come up with something different.”