LOOK: Pinay actress stars in off-Broadway play 'The Sandalwood Box'


Posted at Oct 02 2019 08:32 PM


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In a surreal place where dream meets reality, a young college student named Marsha Gates, who had unfortunately lost her voice, stands beside a mysterious professor, Claudia Mitchell.

They are gazing at a sandalwood box, owned by the latter, filled with a plethora of fascinating catastrophes (hotel fires, great wars, and everything in between) throughout history, encased in glass. Marsha Gates looks on, captivated. 

So begins Mac Wellman's "The Sandalwood Box," a short, bizarre play about, among others, the value of human life. 

It stars Filipina actress Dorothea Gloria, and has been running at New York City's famous Flea Theater since September 26. It is scheduled until November 1 and is part of a play festival that aims to honor Wellman, a three-time Obie Award winning playwright. 


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Gloria, whose last show in the Philippines was Nonon Padilla's 2015 staging of "Palasyo ni Valentin," said that being cast in the lead role for "The Sandalwood Box" has been a "wild ride" for her. 

"It's about a young girl’s existential crisis and how she deals with it which I find very true for myself as well," she teased. 

According to Gloria, the audience members will be faced with very serious life questions, promising that the play boggles the mind and keeps everyone questioning about how their own lives work. 


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"It is a hard script to interpret but I am surrounded with people that have such a strong sense of play and discovery," she shared. 

"We constantly divulge what the script has to offer as we flesh them out through our own understanding and experiences as human beings," she added. 

Tickets of "The Sandalwood Box" can be bought here