Looking for a new hobby during quarantine? Take a cue from Bea Alonzo


Posted at Oct 01 2020 03:57 PM


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MANILA -- Tired of binge-watching your favorite shows during the quarantine? Take a cue from Bea Alonzo, who has found quite a number of new hobbies over the past months.

From painting and plants to cooking and candle making, the Kapamilya star has done it all. Well, almost.

Here are some of her pastimes that you may want to add to your lockdown repertoire:



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Alonzo's latest hobby during the pandemic-induced quarantine is making candles, as seen in her Instagram post early this week.

"Therapy," she said, as she posted a photo of different materials for making candles.



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A self-confessed foodie, Alonzo said she is exerting extra effort to exercise so she can keep on eating whatever she likes during the lockdown.

"It's been my struggle to maintain my target weight because of the quarantine," she said. "You see, I love food; I also love to cook, so I need to move and work out more so I can eat the food that I like."



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Speaking of food, Alonzo has also been busy in the kitchen as staying at home became the "new normal" because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Aside from enjoying her own culinary creations at home, she has also prepared meals for frontliners in different hospitals.

Here's some trivia: Alonzo is one of the co-owners of the Quezon City branch of Dean and Deluca, a US-based grocer and cafe.

The actress also finished a short course on baking at the Center for Culinary Arts in 2018.



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Most A-list celebrities rely purely on assistants and house help to clean their pantry.

But not Alonzo, who earlier said that she spent an entire day organizing her pantry and plate room, checking for food items or products that are already stale or expired.

"These days, when everyone's going through rough times, I think it is essential not to let any food go to waste," she said.



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Alonzo made sure to make the most of her star power for a good cause, putting up a charity organization to help those affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Called I Am Hope, the organization was founded by the actress and her friend, movie producer Rina Navarro.

Last May, they were able to raise P6 million in donations both in cash and in kind.



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"Don't judge! I just started and not claiming to be good at it," Alonzo said as she shared a photo of her painting her plants during the lockdown.

She described the experience as being "taken to another world, a world where you are the only one allowed to enter."

"Since I haven't been acting for quite some time now because of the pandemic, I thought I should find an outlet for my creativity. It's nice. It makes my heart happy," she said.



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Just like most people, Alonzo has a newfound love for plants during the quarantine.

"Aside from all the benefits of plants, of course, I think it's also because it represents hope of a better tomorrow," she said, citing a quote from Audrey Hepburn.



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And as she tries so many new things amid the pandemic, Alonzo makes sure she does not forget important moments by putting them into writing.

"I've been trying to write my thoughts and reflections during the quarantine. It's funny how sometimes, you can surprise yourself on how your mood changes and how you cope with the sudden isolation," she said.

"I have to say; this is no different from how I used to make a 'character plan' whenever I’m getting to know a particular character, may it be for a TV series or a new movie. Only this time, I am getting to know... Me. It's been a journey," she said.