Pinoy millennials turn to selling pre-loved items to fund travels: survey


Posted at Oct 01 2018 07:15 PM

Pinoy millennials turn to selling pre-loved items to fund travels: survey 1
A traveller walks past a bus terminal along EDSA in Cubao. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

MANILA -- A recent survey showed 4 out of 10 young Filipinos who like to travel take advantage of online selling for extra cash.

The Carousell Travel Attitudes Survey, an in-app survey conducted with 527 Carousellers in the Philippines, revealed that 84% of millennial Filipinos travel at least once a year. 

Top dream destinations of these millennials include Japan, Korea and France.

With the high cost of travel, many millennials turn to selling their pre-loved items online to fund their trips.

“The value in underused items can be surprisingly significant. According to Carousell’s historical data, Filippino Carousellers make an average of P26,000 selling their underused items. Electronics and gadgets have the highest demand on the marketplace and the resale value is high. For example, an iPhone X sold on Carousell is equivalent to funding a round-trip ticket to Japan,” said Marita Galvez, marketing executive of Carousell Philippines.

Pre-loved gadgets such as laptops or cameras may be used to fund trips to South Korea or Palawan, it added.


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To encourage young Filipinos to chase their travel dreams, Carousell collaborated with travel blogger David Guison to conduct a sharing session “Lifehacks from a Millennial Traveller” with the Carousell community at the recent Klook Travel Festival. 

“Travelling has introduced me to diverse cultures and to new perspectives. While blogging is my main source of income, I do have other side-gigs to fund my travels such as photography, styling, and even selling my underused items for extra cash.” shared Guison.

Here are some advise from Guison: 

1. Invest in experiences, not things

For Guison, selling underused items will be more valuable in the long run because of the experience gained from traveling.

2. Do your research

Do some research to get the best deals for your underused items.

3. Save money on travel gear by buying second-hand 

Buying second-hand items, from backpacks to cameras, is not only cheaper, but it is also more environment-friendly.
“At Carousell our mission is to inspire every person to sell not only to sustain their daily needs but also to fill their life with more meaningful experiences like travelling,” Galvez added.