Metro picks best-dressed men at Star Magic Ball 2017

Red Dimaandal and Mariel Abanes, Metro Magazine

Posted at Oct 01 2017 11:07 AM

The annual Star Magic Ball 2017 has finally come to an end; and at this point, we've seen every spin on black tie dressing—or so we thought.

This year's red carpet turned up twists on tuxedoes that celebrated formal menswear traditions and personal style, a mix that doesn't always yield successful results -- but it did when we'’re talking about these guys.

From Piolo Pascual's modern dinner jacket to Daniel Padilla's maroon tuxedo, here are the most stylish guys who stood out for us.

10. Matteo Guidicelli

Triathlete star Matteo brought back old Hollywood glam with his streamlined ivory dinner jacket.

9. Hayden Kho

When it’s your first time at the Star Magic Ball, and you want to honor the occasion — two things newly-wed Hayden pulled off with ease.

8. Daniel Matsunaga

Daniel shows off his romantic side with a flower on his tuxedo lapel.

7. Joseph Marco

In a green wool suit, this guy shows off a formal yet laidback vibe.

6. Gerald Anderson

Gerald radiates suave aura in this elegant plush garb.

5. Sam Milby

Veering away from the usual colors, Sam tries an emerald green tux over his suit.

4. Enrique Gil

Enrique looks dashing in a crisp black-and-white number.

3. Daniel Padilla

The Teen King channels Johnny Depp in black specs, velvet tux, and natural swag.

2. Xian Lim

An otherwise classic attire is put differently with additional badges.

1. Piolo Pascual

Classic meets sheen in Piolo’s ball ensemble.