Women lead new underground rock releases

Rick Olivares

Posted at Sep 28 2018 06:06 AM

MANILA -- Some of the more recent and interesting releases all coincidentally feature women. There are hardcore bands Choke Cocoi, Tiger Pussy, and Drama, and metalcore band, Brace Yourselves who all prominently feature women. 

Who says that only the men can blast your ear drums to mush? Here are three underground releases that you might want to check out.

Choke Cocoi

Choke Cocoi/Tiger Pussy split record

Released by several underground labels (Violent Delights and Aklasan Records from the USA, Dangerous Goods from Singapore, and Delusion of Terror, Love from Hate, and Still Ill from the Philippines), this split 7-inch record features three tracks on one side by Lucena-natives Choke Cocoi and the other by Cebu-based Tiger Pussy.

While each side is blistering in their delivery, their songs are different. 

It is up to you to make what you want of Choke Cocoi’s songs “Gera,” “Gangstah Layp,” and “Pacifist.” Whether there are political undertones to the songs is your own interpretation. But make no mistake, the band rolls with an urgency to their militancy.

Tiger Pussy

Tiger Pussy is a little more existential in their songs. They ask you to examine yourself from within in a poetic way that makes it even more appealing (perhaps due to the arty nature of lead singer Jan Sunday).

This split record is also important because it is the second such one to feature female-fronted or -dominated bands. A few years ago, there was also the split 7-inch of bands Random Violence and Value Lasts.

Drama (self-titled cassette from Aklasan Records USA and available locally from Mutilated Noise Records)

This San Francisco based trio features Fil-Americans Monica Ramos on guitar and vocals and Krista on bass and American Aimee Cruciphix on drums. 

Their debut EP on cassette featured six tracks of pissed-off punk rock with tortured and distorted vocals that remind me of the Sex Pistols minus the theatrics. 

Brace Yourselves 

'Dive' by Brace Yourselves 

Metalcore band Brace Yourselves’ debut album "Dive" is also out. If you like foreign bands like Otep, Archenemy, or early new millennium metal acts then you’ll like this. Heavy and dark stuff. Not for the faint of heart. Lead singer Lala Rot alternates between singing and growling with a masculine bent.

You can check out their album on the band’s Facebook page bracexyourselves (note the “x” in the middle).