Megan Young, Mikael Daez open to the idea of not having kids


Posted at Sep 26 2022 04:22 PM

Megan Young and Mikael Daez. Screengrab from YouTube
Megan Young and Mikael Daez. Screengrab from YouTube

MANILA -- Megan Young and Mikael Daez recently shared their thoughts about having children, saying it is not something that they are actively seeking.

In their latest podcast, the celebrity couple said they are open to the idea of not having kids, in the same way that they welcome the possibility of expanding their family.

"If we have kids, then we have kids. And if we don't, then we don't. So if I get pregnant, okay. And if not, then we continue living life," Young said.

According to the Miss World 2013 titleholder, she and the actor used to have a more traditional view on having kids, that they initially thought of it as something that automatically comes after marriage.

But they later on realized that there are many other factors to consider, and that each couple has a different journey.

"My mindset then was yeah, it was normal for couples to get married and have kids. I just thought of the very cookie-cutter image of a family... You're supposed to have kids, parang 'yun 'yung nasa isip ko," Young recalled.

"To be honest, I really enjoy the life that we have together, that it's just us. And I don't know how ready I am to take on a big responsibility like that... I'm not sure yet, but I'm not closing my doors to it," she added.


In the podcast, Young also opened up about her fears and concerns about becoming a mother, such as the changes it would bring to her body.

"I guess I'm afraid of having complications for myself and for the child if ever we do get pregnant. My number one fear is getting sick or dying, honestly, from having a baby," she said. 

"Though I've had friends and family get pregnant in the last couple of years, I'm just scared of the unknown. Not being able to know what's going to happen to my body, or how my body is going to react, really scares me," she said.

The former beauty queen also admitted that she is not sure yet if she is ready for the lifelong responsibility of raising a child.

"You are bringing a child into this life. You are going to teach them values, you're going to teach them the way of the world. So is that something that I want for the rest of my life?" she added.

Young also took into consideration their current lifestyle, which involves a lot of traveling.

"I love that we can just get up and go. Of course we have to think of our pets, but it's different -- we can always have somebody house and take care of them, that's something that we're very lucky to have. But if you have a kid, you can't just be like, 'yo, take care of my kid while I go to another country,'" she explained.

For now, Young said she is letting life "take me where it should."

"I mean, we're not like stopping ourselves from getting pregnant, that's the thing. If it happens, then hey, it's going to happen," she said.


Daez, for his part, acknowledged the importance of being prepared financially, emotionally, and mentally to have children.

"It seems that people [tend to] veer towards having a kid... I think that also stems from the cultural and societal pressures that when you get married, you need to have kids. But the thing is... having kids is not the easiest thing, especially financially. And not everybody is financially secure, not everybody is mentally and emotionally prepared to have kids right away," he pointed out.

"So for me, for those feeling a bit of pressure, I think it's okay to really take a step back and look at different points of view and have a real discussion with those who matter -- your partner, possibly your family. Because it's a huge change," he stressed.

"There are people who get into it and eventually have a kid, and maybe they were thinking, 'I think it would've been a lot easier for us mentally, emotionally, and financially if we had it maybe a couple of years later.'"

Daez currently shares the same view as Young when it comes to having kids. He said his wife gets to have the final say between them as she will be the one carrying the child. 

"We're going with the flow and it's really all up to Bonez," he said, referring to Young. "Because [she's] the baby carrier and I'm here to support."

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