WATCH: Scarlet Snow argues with dad Hayden over surname


Posted at Sep 26 2017 12:04 PM

MANILA – Scarlet Snow Belo, probably the most popular celebrity kid in the Philippines today, could not seem to accept the fact that she is now a Kho.

The adorable two-year-old can be seen arguing with her father, Hayden Kho, as he tries to explain the change in her surname.

Kho married Scarlet Snow’s mom, Vicki Belo, in a church ceremony in Paris early this month.

“I’m I’m Kho and your mommy is Kho, then you’re also Kho,” he told his daughter.

But Scarlet Snow replied: “No, I’m not! You’re Kho, and (points at Belo) you’re Kho. I’m not Kho.”

“I’m Scarlet Snow Belo only!”

The hilarity continued, with Kho asking Scarlet Snow: “Are you my daughter?”

Watch the clip posted by Belo on her Instagram page below:


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