'First time I felt real things:' Solenn Heussaff shares how motherhood changed her


Posted at Sep 24 2020 04:43 PM


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MANILA -- Solenn Heussaff said she has never felt more afraid in her life than when she was pregnant with Thylane, her first child.

The actress made the statement as she appeared with her husband, businessman Nico Bolzico, in their online talk show titled "Past Bedtime with the Bolz."

Acting both as hosts and guests of their show, Heussaff said being a mother to Thylane gave her many firsts in life.

"That's the first time I felt real things. That's the first time I freaked out," she admitted. "Because when you are young and you have nothing to take care of, you just... I can switch to this or like travel to this country and forget about things."

"But when you have an actual baby, it's a different story," she added.

Heussaff also recalled how seeing Thylane cry easily causes her and Bolzico to be in tears, even though they are not overly emotional people.

"When she got her first vaccine we both cried," she recalled, talking to Bolzico. "Because she was crying and we weren't prepared for that. Any kind of accident, I think, no parent is ready for that." 

Asked by her husband what she is ready to give up for their daughter, she replied: "My life."

"I gave up my body, I gave up my work. Is that sad or funny?" she said in jest. "But I mean, I'm going to get back to work, just now I gave up a lot of things."

"For me, my life now is Thylane, like she's number one. Everything I do, I do it for her."


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Heussaff gave birth to Thylane last January 1, with the actress saying it is the "best way to welcome 2020."

The actress has been married to Bolzico since 2016.

For his part, Bolzico said he never thought that having a baby can significantly change his perspective.

"You know how everyone tells you, 'Oh you have a baby, it's so special, you change so much.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, yeah, for sure.' But if you really have your baby in your hands, you're like, 'Oh my God, everyone was so right,'" he said. 

"Basically you feel like your whole life changed perspective," he continued. "Everything becomes about that person you're holding there for the first time."