‘Help me, I’m poor’: Funny reactions to Heart Evangelista’s Hermes placemats, plates


Posted at Sep 24 2019 06:44 PM

MANILA – One of the many things that Heart Evangelista is known for is her love for the French luxury brand Hermes.

The actress paints on Birkins like it’s no big deal, and her dog even wears an Hermes silk scarf, as seen in her social media posts.

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, Evangelista released a new vlog about her “china room” – a space dedicated to her plates, teacups, silverware and other dining table accessories.

And yes, these include Hermes items.

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“This is where I put my Hermes collection,” Evangelista said as she pointed to a cabinet filled with Hermes orange boxes. 

Fans just lost it when the actress opened one of the boxes and showed a set of Hermes paper placemats. 

A quick look at the Hermes website shows that each of these sets costs $130, or around P6,779 – pretty pricey for something that’s disposable.

Evangelista was quick to assure her viewers, however, that she has no plans of throwing her Hermes placemats away after just one use. 

“To those of you who are watching with your Hermes paper placemats, you can actually have them laminated. You don’t have to be afraid of the red wine or the oil and you could just keep reusing them.”

Aside from the paper placemats, Evangelista also showed her Hermes plates and teacups, which start at $115 (around P6,000) per piece.

In the same way that her “corned beef” OOTD spawned memes last year, Evangelista’s Hermes plates and placemats generated funny comments as netizens poked fun at the actress’ lavish lifestyle.

Here are some of them: