Katarina Rodriguez chooses water birth for first baby


Posted at Sep 23 2021 01:03 PM


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MANILA -- Katarina Rodriguez is joining the likes of Coleen Garcia and Max Collins as she prepares to welcome her first child through water birth.

In an interview with Metro.Style, the former Miss World Philippines said she and her boyfriend, businessman Niño Barbers, have decided to fly to her hometown of Davao to deliver the baby.

"I was in Siargao for the whole majority of [the pregnancy] so the biggest struggle we had was there's no proper hospital and there's no OB-Gyn in case of emergency. A couple of times, I've had spotting and siyempre being my first pregnancy, I would always freak out," she said. 

"We're doing water birth. That's the stuff that we’re finalizing now. Flying the midwife from Manila here and it was so nice that Coleen (Garcia) is lending us her pool because she has a legitimate birthing pool," she added.

Explaining the decision to have a water birth, Rodriguez said the idea has always appealed to her even before hearing of Garcia's and Collins' experiences. 

"The concept of being in the water while giving birth sounded so appealing to me. That's like the first thing I told him," she said, referring to Barbers. "And he was still iffy about water birth because he didn't understand it." 

She went on: "But you know, I guess being in Siargao and being always in the water or near the water, and the fact that the baby's in liquid now and will come into the world and have such a smooth transition, it sounds so nice for the baby and for myself."

"The only way I can think of it is anything outside of the water, I'm just, 'Oh, baka it's going to be tough to push out the baby.' At least I'll have some sort of gravity working in my favor with the water, with the pool."


A post shared by Katarina (@katarinarodri)

Earlier this month, Rodriguez described her pregnancy as a "mental game" as she shared her thoughts about her journey to becoming a mother.

"My intuition has never been as strong as it has been this past year. And in times of confusion, or moments where I feel like I'm losing myself, I turn inward, I listen to my intuition, and suddenly my mind relaxes," she said.

"This little mental game has been interesting to me while pregnant. I feel as if I meet a new part of myself every day, but at the same time I feel like I have never known myself more than I do now," she added.

Rodriguez represented the Philippines in Miss World 2018 and Miss Intercontinental 2017.

The former "Asia's Next Top Model" finalist has also dabbled in showbiz, appearing in shows such as "Make It With You" with Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. 

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