Heart Evangelista recalls being looked down on by local designer


Posted at Sep 23 2021 02:27 PM

MANILA -- Heart Evangelista reminded the public that fashion is not about following trends but expressing one's self as she recalled the time she was looked down on by a local designer.

The actress made the statement in her latest vlog, where she granted her fans' requests to show her shoe collection.

Holding her most used pair of footwear, Evangelista talked about a certain designer who "would always say bad things about me."

Not mentioning names, she narrated: "He would say, 'Oh, she only has one pair.' Or, 'It's already what year and she still uses her Lady Peep nude platforms.'"

While criticism is not new to her, Evangelista could not help but be "bothered" by the designer's remarks as she pointed out that fashion is not solely about the latest pieces and trends.

Now considered a style icon in the Philippines and abroad, she stressed that fashion involves mixing and matching pieces to reflect one's personality.

"It bothered me so much because for me, fashion isn't really about who [has the pieces] from the latest season. Or what's the newest? That's the only thing I'm going to buy," she said.

"No, fashion is all about having key pieces that would last you forever, that you could mix and match with your new and old. I think that is fashion, and that is self-expression," she explained. 

"It isn't about, 'Oh, is it the latest collection?' I really don't believe in that, and I think it's so nouveau riche."

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Evangelista then shared her advice to those who would experience something similar in the future: "When people tell you that, 'Ah, luma na 'yan,' or lumang design, forget it. The hell with what they say because it's all about how you feel."

"If this makes me feel like I'm 5'11 and I can be Miss Universe, then why not? I'm going to wear them forever and that's why I decided to keep them."

Despite being known for her penchant for designer goods, Evangelista has also been actively promoting local brands and products, as well as "ukay-ukay" or secondhand items.

Buying clothes and accessories as low as P20, she said in one of her vlogs: "It's all about how you put it together. That's how you get the look, all about attitude."

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