Autism group teams up with local firm to give jobs to persons on autism spectrum

Isay Reyes, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 22 2019 07:56 PM

MANILA — More than 200 jobs have been given to people on the autism spectrum for the past 4 years in 53 establishments across 10 provinces in the Philippines. 

Through Autism Works Program of the Autism Society Philippines, more employment opportunities continue to open for them. 

They were delighted to serve the guests of Pancake House in Quezon City Saturday. 

With big wide smiles, people with autism showed the public how they can be effective employees. 

“I’m happy, great and excited. I want to be independent. I want to show other persons with autism works well,” Gian Cruz, a man in the autism spectrum said. 


John Amante, Chief Operating Officer of Pancake House said that by partnering with the Autism Society Philippines, they try to have an inclusive workplace and have direct access to people who can actually work in spite of being people with disabilities. 

Through this project, they train and educate them for future employment. Pancake House promised to employ 9 people in the autism spectrum in 9 different branches. This also helps their existing employees to learn the importance of a non-discriminating environment in their workplace. 

“People in spite of disabilities can actually contribute to society and to themselves and to their families. By exposing them to people with disabilities, they realize that anybody can work and there will be no discrimination,” Amante said. 

For Autism Society of the Philippines, it is more than awareness that they want to share to the public but it is the call to respect for these people in the spectrum. 

“You respect their humanity. Bigyan mo sila ng pagkakataon, yun lang naman po ang gusto natin mangyari at hinihingi natin sa lipunan. When you experience autism whether it is in your life or may kakilala ka, nag iiba yung perspective mo,” National President of the ASP Mona Magno-Veluz said.