New shop from Thailand offers free milk tea for a year

Jeeves De Veyra

Posted at Sep 20 2019 07:02 PM

Brown Café founders Pharewa and Phiraphat Chaisaowon with local partner Arthur Dichaves. Jeeves De Veyra

Brown Café says “sawasdee” – or hello – to Manila by giving five lucky customers free milk tea for a year.

The Thailand-based milk tea shop is set to open on September 21, 10 a.m., at the ground floor of Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The first five customers will each get one Brown Royal Premium Milk Tea weekly for one year. The rest of the early birds won’t go home empty-handed as they will be given the same free drink weekly for six months (6th to 10th in line), three months (11th to 15th in line), and a month (16th to 20th in line).

Customers 21 through 60 get to buy two orders of Brown Royal Premium Milk Tea for only P100, while the 61st to 100th in line will be given a rose gold metal straw for their purchase.

Brown Café was born after Pharewa Chaisaowon studied desserts and tea from Taiwan and Japan.

She and her brother, Phiraphat, set up a café in Thailand’s foodie city of Chang Mai.

“The concept of our shop is a home. Every material we use for the decoration is Japanese modern style and make you feel like you’re drinking tea in your house. We called it Brown because it’s a short and simple name,” explained Phiraphat.

The brand eventually expanded out of Chang Mai. It’s the branch at Siam Square where local partner Arthur Dichaves found himself lining up for one and a half hours to get a taste of Brown Cafe’s milk tea.

“What struck me was that their bubble was collagen. They were homemade and organic. It was a healthier milk tea,” recalled Dichaves.


The owners of Brown Café pride themselves with steeping loose-leaf tea in their drinks. The result is a beverage where the flavor of the tea really comes out.

Their kitchen avoids flavored powders and uses real ingredients such as peach and strawberry – even ube – in their drinks. Brown Café’s Ube Milk Tea is levels beyond the pale taro milk tea everywhere else, with real ube halaya for a rich violet cup.

Ube Milk Tea (left) and Strawberry Milk Tea with Rainbow Bubbles. Jeeves De Veyra

The variety and quality of the sinkers – called “bubbles” – are another reason to come to the shop. There are bubbles to match each of their drinks – peach, strawberry, mango, brown sugar, and ube. For an additional P40, customers can get the konjac collagen-rich variant.

Assorted bubbles made by Brown Café. Jeeves De Veyra

Other featured beverages at Brown Café include the Shake Shake drinks that come in a jar-like container. Each is topped with either Nutella, strawberry, or milk foam then shaken to combine everything into a rich sweet treat.

The Crème Brulee drink may look gimmicky as liquid custard is poured on top of milk tea and torched. However, it does add rich creaminess and a burnt sugar flavor to the drink.


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Brown’s Café milk tea drinks are surprisingly affordable. They only have one size which is comparable to the large size of other brands. Starting at P75, it’s not a bad deal to get your milk tea fix.

Tell the staff if you’re taking your drinks home. They will give you the option of putting the beverage in one of their custom takeout bottles for an additional P15. They won’t put any ice yet so when you open your drink, it will still be full-flavored.

(Left to right) Brown Sugar Milk, Thai Milk Tea Bottle, and Nutella Shake Shake. Jeeves De Veyra

Local Partner Darlene Lim noted that Brown Café in Thailand has dessert items like bubbles on toast that they’d like to try to bring to Manila.

They also have plans to quickly expand the brand’s footprint around the city through franchising.

With all of the Taiwanese and Chinese tea milk places opening in Manila, Brown Café is a refreshing new addition that’ll give Filipinos flavors by way of Thailand.