Think you can't paint? This 'studio' will change your mind


Posted at Sep 20 2017 04:35 PM


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MANILA – Whoever said he or she is hopeless when it comes to painting has not yet visited this establishment.

Sip and Gogh markets itself as a “paint and sip studio” where customers can work on a painting of their choice by following step-by-step instructions from artists.

And by step-by-step, they mean “draw a horizontal line,” and “color this area.” Things could not get any easier than that.

Since opening in 2013, Sip and Gogh has unleased the inner artist of people of all ages, even children. 

Aside from its studios in different parts of the metro, Sip and Gogh also holds painting sessions for companies and groups. 


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Recently, ABS-CBN News employees had the chance to create their own works of art through a session right inside the office. 

The “sip” component of Sip and Gogh comes in the form of wine and snacks provided during sessions to make the experience more enjoyable.

For more details, visit Sip and Gogh's website.