Karen Davila thanks Matteo Guidicelli for 'kindness, care' after son survives seizure


Posted at Sep 18 2020 05:08 PM

Matteo Guidicelli (left) and Karen Davila. Photos from @matteog and @iamkarendavila on Instagram

MANILA -- Matteo Guidicelli was one of the people who helped Karen Davila as her son suffered a seizure at the lobby of their condominium unit.

The veteran broadcaster made the revelation as she thanked the actor on Instagram, after sharing her story of faith with her followers.

Replying to one of her friends who sent prayers and messages of support, Davila mentioned Guidicelli and thanked him for his "kindness" and "care."

"He was there in the lobby with Sarah during this experience," she said, referring to Guidicelli and his wife, singer Sarah Geronimo.

"Thank you, Matteo, for your kindness, your care," she added, not giving further details.


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Early this week, Davila said her son David started having a "full-blown seizure" as he welcomed his parents from an overnight trip to Sorsogon.

She detailed how she became frantic, and all she was able to do was "shout the name of our Lord Jesus Christ non-stop, asking Him to heal and save David."

"And this is why I am sharing this. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for saving David yesterday," she said in a lengthy Instagram post. "David slowly woke up and we rushed him to the ER. I thank God his memory and faculties are perfect."

Referring to her family's experience as "amazing grace," she added: "What real faith and life lesson did God teach me today? There is real power in the name of Jesus Christ! It doesn't matter who you are, what church you go to, whether you think you're a good or bad person -- calling on the name of Jesus changes everything!"

Two days after his seizure, David joined his mother on the set of her news program.

"Being with him this morning feels so special. I feel such deep joy seeing him back in the groove, walking in the newsroom, saying hello to the cameramen like nothing happened," she said in another Instagram post.

"Truly, a brand new day... But for me, a much deeper appreciation of just how precious he is! How precious life is! Thank you, Lord Jesus," she added.