Amid row with mom, Andrei Trazona gets full support from dad


Posted at Sep 16 2023 06:42 PM

Photos from Andrei Aragon and Michael Navarro's Facebook accounts
Photos from Andrei Aragon and Michael Navarro's Facebook accounts

MANILA – Andrei Trazona may not have the support of her mother Izzy Aragon of the Sexbomb dancers, but she got a big boost from her father, Michael Navarro. 

More than a month before the controversial post of Aragon went viral, Navarro had already publicly expressed his support for Trazona’s decision to enter Drag under the name of Sofia. 

“Dalaga na ang anak ko pwede ng ilaban sa Miss Gay International hahahahaha.. sinung pupusta?” he said in a Facebook post. 

His post has been circulating on social media recently amid the statement of Aragon, who hinted that she does not support her child's decision to become a drag queen. 

This caught netizens by surprise since Trazona recently revealed that her mother is supportive of her drag journey. 

Amid growing criticisms hurled at Aragon, Trazona admitted on her Facebook page that she lied in the interview last July, saying she only did it to protect her mom. 

“I LIED IN AN INTERVIEW that she supports for what I am and for what I do just to protect her from any backlash but there's no point in protecting her because the truth came out straight from her,” Trazona wrote in the caption. 

According to her, she loves her mother but she does not want to live a lie, adding that she has been sustaining herself for years already. 

The Sexbomb dancer stressed in her lengthy post that she will have to disagree with her children should they do something “against” her faith. 

“I point them to Jesus because with that I will be secured with their future. The best I know I can give to my children, more than richness, fame and all,” she explained. 

“Putting my hope on what Jesus did on the cross for me, paid the consequence of my sin. Instead of me paying it. Sin will bring me to eternal death, hell. But He saved me. By believing and surrendering my life to that truth.”

This statement apparently irked many netizens, who questioned the sincerity of Aragon’s love for Trazona. 

Trazona has been able to perform in various clubs including in the Nectar Nightclub, which has been one of the houses of drag queens in the country.


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