Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico get real about life as first-time parents


Posted at Sep 15 2020 04:19 PM

MANILA – Celebrity couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico got real about their life as first-time parents to their daughter Thylane.

In Heussaff’s most recent post on her website, she said they are enjoying literally every second with their daughter and they are learning and living out parenthood day by day.

“As parents, it’s super easy to think about all the mistakes you’re making. But I guess I want to say that we can all definitely go easier on ourselves, focus less on the ‘mistakes’ and think of our new lives as parents as one big learning thing,” she said.

While acknowledging that people have varying opinions when it comes to raising kids, Heussaff said it’s also okay to have a different parenting style.

“Just because it’s not like how everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. We always say that every child is unique. That’s super true and I also want to add that every parent is too,” she said.

For Heussaff, no one knows a child better than the parents and she believes every parent is doing their best for their kids.

In the video which accompanied her blog, Heussaff and Bolzico alsio tried to bust myths as parents based on their own experience. 

Among the things they disproved is the myth that having a baby wrecks the parents’ sex life.

“For me, after the women give birth… we just need to wait as long as they need because we didn’t go through pregnancy. We supported them through pregnancy but we have nothing to do with going through pregnancy,” said Bolzico.

Saying the women are the bosses, Bolzico added: “If they want to go back to action, we should be ready. If they want to wait, we should be ready. If they want to try and then they stop, we should be ready. If they want to go different direction than before, we should be ready.”

Heussaff, for her part, admitted she isn’t quite ready for it yet.

“Because I was C-section, and I don’t know if it’s just subconsciously in my head but we are chopped down there from nine different layers. I am still a little bit scared and I am not yet ready to be quite honest. I know it’s been a while and some moms out there are like ‘What the?’ But that’s the truth,” she said.

Another myth they busted is that parents tend to let themselves go after having a child.

“We didn’t let ourselves go in terms of health. We eat healthy and we work out. That one we maintain and we improve. But we did let ourselves go in terms of dressing. I don’t think we dress up anymore… I haven’t seen you with makeup as often as before,” said Bolzico.

Meanwhile, Heussaff pointed out that it’s probably because a woman’s body changes after giving birth.

“It’s not the body you used to know. It’s just different. For some people, it is hard to understand or accept. I was depressed I think the first two months. I just felt gross. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. Everything is just not the same. You don’t fit in your clothes. It changed after six months,” she said.

When she started feeling like herself again after six months, Heussaff said she didn’t want to let herself go because “at the end of the day, if I am healthy, if I feel happy because I am fit and I eat right, I’ll do good things for my child.”

Watch the full clip below to see Heussaff and Bolzico bust other parenting myths.

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