Gretchen Ho is face of World Vision's '1,000 Girls' campaign


Posted at Sep 11 2020 04:54 PM

Gretchen Ho is face of World Vision's '1,000 Girls' campaign 1

MANILA -- Gretchen Ho is inspiring young girls to dream big amid the pandemic. 

World Vision has introduced the Kapamilya host as the official ambassador for its "1,000 Girls" campaign, with the theme of #GirlsCan for 2020.

"It isn't always easy to fight on your own. That's why we need to provide them with support, guidance, resources, and opportunities to be able to maximize their potential," Ho said in a statement released by World Vision on Friday.

"Many girls are at a disadvantage because of their economic background or family setups," she added. "Sometimes, the only thing that a girl needs is a helping hand." 

Through World Vision's child sponsorship program, young girls will have access to learning and development opportunities that are "sustainable, community driven, and long-term."

World Vision has also partnered with different stakeholders, including the local community, so these children can have access to education, nutritious food, clean water, quality health services, and spiritual nurture activities. 

"Through education, a world of opportunities opens up for a young girl. If that young girl is able to build her self-confidence through those opportunities, there is potential to become a leader," Ho said. "In today's world, where there is so much injustice, inequality, hatred and discrimination, we need the strengths of a female to overcome. We need more female voices to be heard." 

Asked to give a message to young girls, the host and athlete said: "I believe you can make it. Don't be afraid to dream big. Make the most out of what you have. If you have less in life, ask for help. If you have more in life, help others. There is room for success for everyone. Believe in yourself, be resourceful, be creative, and you will conquer."

More details about the "1,000 Girls" sponsorship program are available on World Vision's website and social media pages. 

A global Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization, World Vision works with children, families, and communities with the aim of overcoming poverty and injustice.