Maureen Wroblewitz nervous about modeling abroad

Gabriella Salud, Metro Magazine

Posted at Sep 10 2017 06:20 PM

“It just feels weird because I feel the same,” says 19-year-old Maureen Wroblewitz in an interview with Metro Magazine. “But I try to stay like that—grounded and approachable. I don’t want people to think I’m better than everyone else; just because I won a title, it doesn’t change who I am.” 

Upon being crowned "Asia’s Next Top Model," the Filipina-German beauty quickly took the media by storm, bringing home a double win as the reality show’s very first winner from the Philippines.

“I’ve wanted to be a model since I was 13,” Wroblewitz says, telling us about how she’d watch "Germany’s Next Top Model" as a kid. “I really wanted to join, but I didn’t grow tall.” 

At 15, Wroblewitz was discovered on Instagram by her soon-to-be manager, Chinie Go. Having promised her father that she would finish high school before anything else, she waited until she turned 18 to start her career in Manila.

While making the move has definitely been a big change, Wroblewitz is no stranger to life in the Philippines—it has doubtlessly been a pleasure for her to honor her late mother’s Filipina roots. 

“She’s always been my role model and motivation. She was very strong as a person,” she says of her mom, who she lost to breast cancer when she was 11.

A month into life and modeling in Manila, things were nothing short of eventful for Wroblewitz —she quickly fell in love with Philippine beaches, got her license, was scheduled for modeling gigs here and there, and even met one of her Manila-based idols, Liza Soberano. 

“Two weeks of being here, I met her at a shoot. I was nervous, I couldn’t talk—I didn’t know what to say. Someone else had to ask for the photo because I didn’t want to do it!” 

A few weeks later, Wroblewitz was given the chance to try out for "Asia’s Next Top Model"—an opportunity she took not knowing that this would lead to her big break. 

She shares: “I wasn’t sure if I would make it that far, and I was kind of scared—but I still went because I thought it could be a good casting experience, at least. After that, they told me they liked me. I was very shocked!”


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By now, we all know about Wroblewitz ’s least favorite experience on the reality show. On getting bullied, she shares, “It was scary because I’m not a person who fights back.” 

Even more unforgettable was the epic comeback that followed—winning best photo of the week, and eventually taking home the crown.

As the winner of "Asia’s Next Top Model," she will soon be jetting off to begin her contract with London-based Storm Model Management—the very agency that kickstarted the careers of icon Kate Moss’ and Wroblewitz's idol, Cara Delevingne. 

“I’m really excited, but then again, I’m also nervous because it’s a lot different in London. It’s very tough,” she says. 

We, however, are confident she’ll do more than just fine.

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