IN PHOTOS: What to expect at Mind Museum's dinosaur exhibit


Posted at Sep 09 2017 11:38 AM

MANILA -- If you're a fan of the "Jurassic Park" movies, here's an exhibit that you should definitely check out.

As part of its fifth anniversary, The Mind Museum at the Bonifacio Global City is hosting the international traveling exhibition “Dinosaurs Around the World – Passport to Pangea” where visitors can go on a prehistoric adventure and gawk at the grandeur of these giant beasts.

Pangea is the "supercontinent from 270 million years ago when the continents we know today were merged together." 

Welcoming visitors upon entry is the Amargasaurus, a plant-eater that uses its long neck to feed on plants high up in the trees and down low on the ground. 

Other advanced life-like animatronic dinosaurs on display are the three-horned-faced Triceratops, the small but agile Velociraptor with its large retractable claw, and the toothless Oviraptor known as the “egg stealer.” 

At the Canopy Plaza, meanwhile, is the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur Spinosaurus.

The exhibit also features an extensive collection of fossils, authentic dino casts, and various activities designed to make visitors experience being a paleontologist for a day.

Here's what you can see at the “Dinosaurs Around the World” exhibit.

Amargasaurus. Handout photo

Hadrosaur. Handout photo

Original Hadrosaur femur fossil. Handout photo

Herrerasaurus. Handout photo

Leaellynasaura. Handout photo

Neovenator. Handout photo

Fossil. Handout photo

Oviraptor and Velociraptor. Handout photo

Build your own dinosaur. Handout photo

Triceratops. Handout photo

Femur fossil. Handout photo

Tyrannosaurus rex. Handout photo

“Dinosaurs Around the World – Passport to Pangea” runs at The Mind Museum until March 2, 2018.