REVIEW: First-time mom shares first-hand experience with Cetaphil products for babies


Posted at Sep 07 2021 04:37 PM

Photo from Cetaphil Philippines Facebook account
Photo from Cetaphil Philippines Facebook account

MANILA -- Saying that putting premium on the overall health of her child includes making sure his skin is also taken care of, a first-time mother in Quezon City shared why she has kept using Cetaphil products. 

Mommy Ivy Lorraine, a nurse, has been using various Cetaphil products on her son, Nigel, for the past five years, trusting the products' ingredients and having experienced using the brand when she was still working in clinics, she said.

She admitted she initially used another brand that markets itself as "hypoallergenic," but promptly shifted to Cetaphil as it is cheaper than other pedia-recommended moisturizing washes for delicate skin.

"I decided to use Cetaphil because I know it's safe, having used the brand on our patients in the clinics where I used to work. It doesn’t cause any negative reaction," said Mommy Ivy.

Cetaphil’s moisturizing wash for baby is a good candidate for dermatitis-prone skin because flare-ups may be lessened as it does not leave the skin dry even after a rich lather, she said. 

Mommy Ivy recounted that when Nigel was around 4 years old, they tried using the body wash for kids of a popular anti-bacterial brand, which was way cheaper. But they returned to Cetaphil after a few days because her son's sensitive skin developed rashes. 

She said using Cetaphil since her son was months-old until now that he is about to turn 6 years old "kept Nigel’s skin smooth and hydrated all day."

"His fresh scent stays even after sweating," Mommy Ivy said of her active son, who also plays a lot. 

Meanwhile, aside from not stinging the eyes, the Cetaphil shampoo does not dry up the hair and scalp, "so it does not cause flaking," she said. 

As for the facial cleanser, because it is mild and has no harmful chemicals, it is "gentle on the baby's sensitive skin, which is prone to drying, and is non-irritating." 

This product also "cleanses well," and does not cause nasal allergies because it is unscented, she said.

After every bath, a pea-sized amount of the Cetaphil daily lotion for baby is applied on Nigel to keep his skin moisturized. "It has no greasy after-feel, which is important in our weather here in the Philippines, otherwise, he would feel 'malagkit,'" she said.

The Cetaphil products provide "value for money" because while they may be a bit pricier than some commercial brands, their benefits are guaranteed, Mommy Ivy said.

"Even on your first try with any Cetaphil product, you can't go wrong because you can't really observe any adverse effect on the skin. With other products, you tend to be wary at first if they really work, that’s why you test them first, buy their smallest sizes. With Cetaphil, I never worried getting big sizes of their products because I was pretty sure they won't go to waste," she said.

Cetaphil products have been declared safe for babies because these are hypoallergenic and have no parabens, alcohol or mineral oils, becoming the product of choice for people with sensitive skin. 

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