Kevin Kwan reveals he sought advice from Kris Aquino for his new book


Posted at Sep 04 2020 01:18 PM

Kevin Kwan reveals he sought advice from Kris Aquino for his new book 1
Kris Aquino (left) made a a brief appearance as Princess Intan in the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan's "Crazy Rich Asians" novel

MANILA -- Did you know that "Crazy Rich Asians" author Kevin Kwan consulted Kris Aquino while he was developing Filipino characters in his new book? 

In an interview with Metro.Style, Kwan revealed that he personally called up Aquino for her recommendations on the Ortiz sisters, which are part of his newly released book, "Sex and Vanity."

The sisters, named Paloma and Mercedes, are in their 70s and "come from the oldest and most revered families in the Philippines."

"Actually, I had asked my friend Kris Aquino for recommendations on the school of the Ortiz sisters," Kwan said. 

Kwan said Aquino suggested St. Scholastica's College, a Catholic institution for women that was established in 1906.

The actress-host's mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, is one of the school's distinguished alumna. 

According to Kwan, schools are important in "Sex and Vanity" as it highlighted the background of his characters. 

He added that he also wanted to "poke fun at educational snobs."

"I went to public high school, public university, and I thought I had a great education. And then I moved to New York! I was going to parties and I was meeting all these young East Coast elites, and within three minutes of meeting them, they will tell you they went to Harvard, to Princeton, to Stanford -- and where did you go?" he said. 

"Everyone’s always announcing their entire educational resumes," he continued. "So I wanted to throw it out there in the book, so you could see and judge them immediately. So it became a funny joke to do."

Aquino made a brief appearance as Princess Intan in Kwan's "Crazy Rich Asians" movie back in 2018. 

Last July, Kwan said "Sex and Vanity" is also set to be made into a film.