Talent manager Day Cabuhat finds her second wind in baking, cooking

Rick Olivares

Posted at Sep 01 2020 06:06 AM | Updated as of Sep 01 2020 06:30 AM

Day and Ysa Cabuhat

MANILA -- Day Cabuhat is known in local circles as the business partner of comic book superstar Whilce Portacio and Pinoy music icon Ely Buendia. She also helped produced the indie film “Mulat” that was directed by Diane Ventura and is on Amazon Prime in the United States and United Kingdom. 

She is also currently helping out indie band Nobody’s Home, that features Buendia’s talented son, Eon. Nobody’s Home recently dropped their first single on Spotify titled, “!2 Midnight.” 

Like her clients who are pretty good at reinventing themselves, Cabuhat has found an alternative career. 

What people don’t know is she enjoys cooking and baking just as much as keeping her high-profile clients happy.

“I think that I have always been into baking and cooking,” said Cabuhat. “One day, I said that why don’t I work with my daughter Ysabel who recently obtained her learning engineer certification and is part of HR.com, a human resources social network.”

Day & Ysa’s Kitchen's best-sellers

The mother-and-daughter tandem would work in the kitchen and share their products on Instagram just for fun. That is until the world turned on its axis because of the COVID-19 virus.

“We baked and cooked more during the lockdown as we were convinced by some friends to make what we do commercially available,” explained Cabuhat of the genesis of Day & Ysa’s Kitchen. “So we took the cue of how other friends started their home kitchen and went for it.”

Chocolate Chip-Potato Chip cookies

The duo started out with Swedish Meatballs Pasta (with homemade cranberry sauce) that has been a family favorite. Then they went into three cookie variants that have been extremely popular – Choc Nut-Flat Tops cookies, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, and Chocolate Chip-Potato Chip cookies. 

“When I was thinking of what would be a good cookie, I went with the Choc Nut-Flat Tops cookies because it was a favorite of the band Pupil (one of Buendia’s outfits). It became so popular that we gave away Pupil mugs with filled with these cookies,” Cabuhat said.

Choc Nut-Flat Tops cookies

Today, the kitchen is growing with more and more people ordering the Swedish Meatball Pasta and the cookie variants. 

“I really enjoy baking and cooking,” she admitted. “It’s kind of funny because Ysa asked me two years ago what would I do when I say goodbye to the music world. I said it was either work in a flower shop or a cookie shop and bake all day. COVID pretty much pushed it towards the latter.”

Day & Ysa’s Kitchen can be found on Facebook