5 ways to keep your skin healthy this rainy season

Ezekiel Galan, Metro Magazine

Posted at Sep 01 2017 11:42 AM

It’s rainy season again in Manila and, sadly, the weather here is just as fickle as ever. 

Our skin is exposed to constant severe changes in weather. One minute, the rain can be so rigorous and the next, we’re back to the harsh tropical heat of the sun. Sometimes, it can rain just as hard and one can still spot the sun high up in the sky.

With the erratic shifts in today’s weather, we should be all the more vigilant in keeping up with our skin care regimen. 

Here are some tips to keeping skin looking vibrant and dewy throughout the day, ready to weather the storm.

1. Double up on moisturizer


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It is important to keep our skin hydrated 24/7. Even the most basic and simple moisturizer can make a big difference in our skin, so don’t skimp on this.

2. Don’t forget the lips


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Keep your puckers silky smooth throughout the day by using products that nourish dry lips. And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stray from color. In fact, a little pop of pink might just do wonders.

3. Load up on SPF


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UV rays can still reach your stressed skin, even with storm clouds above your head. Keep yourself protected by using a multi-tasking SPF moisturizer.

4. Lotion up


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Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can take a toll on your skin, so keep a lightweight bottle of a clear soothing lotion in your purse. You just might need to add more moisture, in case your skin starts to dry up.

5. End with a cleanse

Every day, your skin encounters all sorts of harmful dirt particles. Don’t forget to properly wash all that away before tucking yourself in at night.