Dindi Pajares' national costume for Miss Supranational 2021 aims to empower


Posted at Aug 20 2021 05:55 PM

Dindi Pajares looks like a Filipina doll in her national costume for Miss Supranational 2021.

Miss World Philippines released photos from Pajares' national costume shoot which showed her wearing a mascota, which was worn by Zamboangueñas during the 1900s.

"The inspiration of this Traje is all about women empowerment -- as fashion is a highly visible and forceful medium that commands attention and communicates possibilities," read a post on the Miss World Philippines Facebook page on Friday. 

"It aims to channel the cry for women empowerment, a work of art that would be definitely make everyone stop, look, and listen. The designer believes fashion has often been stigmatized as frivolous and antithetical to feminism; this exhibition is showing the opposite -- 'challenging stereotypes of what feminism can be.'"

It added that Erich Miñoza, the designer of Pajares' national costume, hopes to show different races and backgrounds through intricate details and fabric manipulation.



Considered a fan favorite, Pajares is one of the 10 Miss Supranational 2021 candidates with the most number of online votes.

She has also been performing well so far in pre-pageant competitions, as a Top 10 candidate in Supra Influencer and a semi-finalist of Supra Chat.

The Miss Supranational 2021 coronation night is set to be held in Poland on August 21.

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